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 Charmed Phantom(A Charmed and Danny Phantom Cross over)

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Phantom Vampire
Phantom Vampire

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PostSubject: Charmed Phantom(A Charmed and Danny Phantom Cross over)   Sun Feb 22, 2009 2:43 am

Ok, this is my Fan fiction Charmed Phantom... I'm not very far in writing it...but I'm getting there^_^ I'm on about chpater 3... I ALWAYS write full length stories now for some reason... Sorry the name is REALLY obvious!lol! But anyway! This first post is for info on it...
Ok,This is my new “Phan-fic” HAHA!Ok…That’s bad but hey!Jokes are always bad when I tell ‘em! Why that is I dunno,but they sound good when others tell them...It's strange...ANYHOO!Ok…This is a Charmed/ Danny Phantom crossover^_^ ok…this may be totally terrible but I’m gonna try my very best!
Please also Note: Phantom Planet has NOT happened! So therefore,Danny is still trying to keep his secret from his parents. However, D-Stabilised HAS happened,so Valerie is on Danny’s side and Danielle is stabalised.
*(writing)-*= New point of view
<(writing)>= place/scene change

Ok..That's all the info....please enjoy the story!Comments are gratefully accepted! I hope you like it!
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Phantom Vampire
Phantom Vampire

Posts : 286
Join date : 2009-02-18
Age : 23
Location : In the Digital World

PostSubject: Re: Charmed Phantom(A Charmed and Danny Phantom Cross over)   Sun Feb 22, 2009 2:43 am

Ok...Chapter 1!
Chapter One: Life as normal

“PAIGE!” Piper’s voice thundered as yet another potion blew up in Paige’s face.
“Sorry!” Paige yelled. At that moment, Pheobe came in… There was a smash of china on the hard kitchen floor. “What? Pheobe? What’s wrong!?” Paige asked frantically.
“Your hair Paige… Your hair…”
“Huh?” Paige looked in the mirror and screamed. “MY HAIR’S BLUE! ELECTRIC BLUE! EEEEEEEK!”

*Paige’s POV-*

I ran to Piper.
“PIIIIIIPER! HELP!” I screamed.
“Oh, for goodness sake Paige! What now!?” cried Piper in her usual moany voice. She then saw my hair. “Woah…” she said. Yep that pretty much covers it Piper… “What potion WAS that!?”
“I was trying to make another ghost vanquishing potion…” I explained.
“More experimenting!? Paige!” Piper yelled at me… “You know full well that nothing can vanquish a ghost except two things!”
“I don’t care! I’m trying anyway. You never know when you might need a vanquishing potion…”
“Hm…” Piper walked away slowly. I sighed.

*3rd person-*
<Fenton Works>

“Danny! You’ll be late for school!” Mrs Fenton called up the stairs.
“I’m coming mum!” Danny cried. A clatter was heard. “Shoot!”
“Danny? What was that?”
“Nothing mum!” Of course, he was lying… It was another ghost attack, only the box ghost though, but he was blocking Danny’s whole room with boxes so he couldn’t reach the Thermos. “You…” Danny whispered, annoyed. He then slapped his head, remembering he could go intangible. So he quickly went through the boxes and grabbed the thermos, sucking the ghost inside.
He became Danny Fenton again and rushed down the stairs with his school bag, he grabbed a piece of toast and rushed out of the house, munching the toast as he went…


“I can’t believe it! My first day and I’m LATE!” Raila yelled. “Stupid map!” she rushed into the science lab in the nick of time. The teacher, Mr Lancer looked pleased to see her. She stopped panting and looked around the classroom at all the eyes staring at her. Three people smiled at her though…Danny, Sam and Tucker.
“Class” Mr Lancer said. “This is our new pupil, Raila Erich. Raila, say hello to the class.” Raila nearly froze.
“Um… Hi?” She said very quietly. Raila was a bit shy when it came to new people. The class said hello to her.
“Ok… Raila, you can sit there, next to Mr Fenton.” The teacher said, pointing at the seat. Raila walked over, dumped her bags and sat next to Danny.
“Hi!” Danny said enthusiastically.
“Hi.” Raila said back. Danny smiled. Raila forced a smile.

<end of school>

“Hey Raila!” Danny ran over to her. “Wanna come round my place? Sam and Tucker and me are all gonna help my parents with this BIG project!”
“Um… ok!” Raila said, smiling. She loved helping people out, and Danny, Sam and Tucker seemed like nice guys. It was a great chance to get to know them.

*Raila’s POV-*

Danny led Sam, Tucker and me into his house. I gasped. It was huge. We went down into Danny’s parent’s lab and a woman in a blue jumpsuit and goggles, who I assumed to be Mrs Fenton, came over to us.
“Oh! Danny? Who’s this?” she asked, pointing at me.
“Oh! That’s Raila Erich. She just started at school.” Danny explained.
“Well hello Raila!” She shouted, throwing her arms around me. I smiled. She let go. “It’s lovely to meet you! Have you come to help?” I nodded. “Great! We need all the help we can get! Ok! Danny, Raila, could you grab that metal plank and bring it over here?” Me and Danny nodded and ran over to the large plank of metal, picking it up carefully and marching over to a man in an orange jumpsuit, obviously Danny’s dad. “Ok, now hold it up there.” Mrs Fenton said, pointing above a large hole in the wall.
“Ok mum.” Danny said. He stood on the tips of his toes so he could hold up his end of the bar. I held mine a bit lower while Mr Fenton screwed the bar into place.


“Ok… that’s all for now you four. Thanks for helping!” Mrs Fenton said. Danny was panting. Tucker was asleep, he hadn’t done anything to help. Sam had done a bit, like collecting a few wires. She’d had to run to the store and get Mr Fenton some fudge… Strange…
We left Fenton Works to go for a walk in the park. Sam looked at her watch.
“Woah! My parents will kill me if I’m any later! I’ll see you tomorrow guys!” she said, running off.
“I’d better get going too… My mom’ll have dinner ready soon.” Tucker said and ran off himself.
“Bye guys!” Me and Danny shouted at the same time.
“Do you have to go too?” Danny asked, a strangely sad tone to his voice.
“Um… no I don’t… My mom’s very busy. Even when she isn’t she tends to just let me wander around for a bit. I have to be home by eleven at the latest.”
“Wow… really?” Danny looked shocked. I chuckled.

<The Halliwell Manor>

*Piper’s POV-*

“Paige! Look out!” I shouted, pushing my half- sister out of the way of a blast of ectoplasmic goo. I picked up the vanquishing potion Paige had cooked up and threw it at the attacking ghost. It immediately dissolved. “Wow Paige… You made this? It works on ghosts… wow! Well done little sis! How much have you got of this stuff!?”
“None, but I can make more, I wrote down the ingredients! I have them right here!” Paige fumbled with her pockets and brought out a piece of folded paper. She passed it to me. I looked through it. “This is… different.” I said. It looked complicated, but obviously you need to plan a ghost vanquishing potion carefully.
“Well… make some more if you can… We’re gonna need it. I heard there’s been a huge serge of ghosts recently.” I warned her, walking towards the door of the attic.
“From who?” Pheobe asked. I turned around.
“The elders… Well, Leo to be specific.” I explained. I turned back and headed to the kitchen. Paige and Pheobe soon followed and we began to mass produce the ghost vanquishing potion.
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Charmed Phantom(A Charmed and Danny Phantom Cross over)
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