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 A new journey(A fire Emblem rp)

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Phantom Vampire
Phantom Vampire

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PostSubject: A new journey(A fire Emblem rp)   Mon Jul 20, 2009 5:16 am

Yeah,I know...I'm making A LOT of rps...but I seriously COULDN'T RESIST!lol!I've probably ranted on about Fire Emblem enough for at least SOME PEOPLE to know enough about it to join...Ok...You may control [b][i][u]2[/u][/i][/b] actual characters from the game... I do not count the tactician as an actual character si she is mine as well^_^if any boys want to perhaps control a boy tactician,feel free
Here's the list of them...Oh!Here's how they are shown:
Name of character;original class/promoted class;weapon(s)/Promoted weapon(s)-[color=red]who controls them[/color]
Here they are(I'll go on to describe their looks and personalities later):

Eliwood;Lord/Knight Lord;Sword/Sword and Lance
Hector;Lord/Great lord;Axe/Axe and Sword
Lyndis(Lyn);Lord/Blade lord;Sword/Sword and bow
Ninian;Dancer;rings or nothing-[color=red]Phantom Vampire[/color]
Nils;Bard;Rings or nothing
Kent;Cavalier/Paladin;sword and lance/sword,lance and axe
Sain;cavalier/Paladin;sword and lance/sword,lance and axe
Dorcas;Fighter/Warrior;axe;axe and bow
Serra;Cleric/Bishop; staves/staves sand light magic
Erk;Mage/Sage; anima magic/anima magic and staves
Raven;Mercenary/Hero;sword/Sword and Axe
Geitz;Warrior;Axe and bow
Bartre;fighter/warrior;axe/axe and bow
Oswin;knight/general;lance/lance and axe
Lucius;monk/bishop;light magic/light magic and staves
Renault;bishop;light magic and staves
Nino;mage/sage;anima magic/anima magic and staves
Pent;sage;anima magic and staves
Canas;shaman/druid;dark magic/dark magic and staves
Lowen;cavalier/paladin;sword and lance/sword, axe and lance
Marcus;paladin;sword, axe and lance
Priscilla;troubadour/valkyrie;staves/ staves and anima magic
Fiora;Pegasus knight/Falcoknight;lance/ lance and sword
Heath;wyvern rider/wyvern lord;lance/lance and sword
Vaida;wyvern lord;lance and sword
Jaffar;Assassin;sword(I prefer to think of them as daggers)
Merlinus;Transporter;no weapon(he sorts and looks after the parties items)
wallace; knight/general;lance/lance and axe
Florina;pegasus knight/falcoknight;lance/sword and lance
rath;nomad/nomadic trooper;bow/bow and sword
dart; pirate/berserker;axe
isadora;paladin;sword,axe and lance
harken;hero;sword and axe
Farina;pegasus knight/falcoknight;lance/lance and sword

That is all the characters from the game. When you choose one I ask that you make a profile of them as you would for an OC. Ocs and profiles will be explained in my next post^_^
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Phantom Vampire
Phantom Vampire

Posts : 286
Join date : 2009-02-18
Age : 23
Location : In the Digital World

PostSubject: Re: A new journey(A fire Emblem rp)   Sat Aug 08, 2009 3:17 pm

Ok...The next info post(I THINK there will be three altogether). this one is gonna explain about profiles of characters and OCs(Original Characters)

In my previous post, I noted down a list of all the playable game characters(If you believe I have missed anyone out please PM me,DON'T POST IT ON HERE!PLEASE!) Since most of you don't know much oir anything about Fire Emblem,or it's characters...Tell me(again, in a PM) who you want to be...I will then put your name next to the respective character(s) and send you a reply PM containing the profiles you should post up. That's to make things a bit easier for you all^_^

Now...OCs...You can have as many OCs as you want...But don't go overboard(lol,that's probably aimed more at me though) Heres the template for profiles(these'll be used for game charries and OCs):

Age:(Noone knows the exact age of game characters, so I will give you my estimate)
Country born in:
Territory born in: (Only add this if the person is born in Lycia)
Original class:
Promoted class:(If the person has no promotion class(eg:those who are already promoted or those who don't promote at all, just put "None")
Appearance:(Hair,eyes,face,height,clothes etc...)

Since you all probably don't know most of the classes...Here they are:

Description(These are MY descriptions of them, NOT the game's):They rule over or are heir to a ruling house.
Weapon: Your choice(unless Lord is a game character)
Extras/Rules to use: If you create an OC lord, you cannot use Pherae, Caelin or Ostia as their territory,as they are the territories of Lyn,Eliwood and HEctor. you may also not use Etruria, since Pent and Louise currently have some sort of important position which isn't exactly specified in the game.

[u][b]Lord promotions[/b][/u]
Description: These may be named whatever you see fit, but no stupid names. Or I will come up with one and replace yours(You have been warned).
Weapon(s): May depend upon original weapon
Extras/Rules of use: See Lord

Description: Cavaliers are lightly armored, mounted units(they ride horses). Paladins are the promoted version of cavaliers.
Weapons:Cavalier: Sword and Lance
Paladin: Sword, axe and Lance
Extras/Rules of use: Due to the fact that they are on horseback, they can move much faster than other classes, however, they may not traverse mountains(until upgraded, when tey can walk REALLY slowly across them) and forests slow them down more than they slow footsoldiers... Also, rain slows them down almost as badly as moutains do(when they are upgraded,otherwise they wouldn't even be ON them)...

Description: Mercenaries are average soldiers, usually mercenaries are associated with hiring. Heroes are the promoted version of mercenaries.
Weapons: Mercenary: Sword
Hero:Sword and Axe
Extras/Rules of Use: Heroes have sheilds as well as their weapons. Mercenaries and Heroes are strong in basically all areas

Description: Users of Anima magic(the magic of nature). Mages are particularly susceptible to attacks from weapons, due to their low defenses. Sages are less weak against weapons and are the promoted version of Mages.
Weapons: Mage: Anima magic
Sage:Anima magic and staves
Extras/Rules of use: Mages and Sages tend to originate from Etruria,it being the magic country, however this is not compulsory. Magic users can attack from a distance and at close range.

Description: Archers are very lightly armored bow users.Snipers are the promoted version of archers.
Weapons: Archer: bow
Extras/Rules of Use: Arhcers and snipers can ONLY ATTACK FROM A DISTANCE. They can't attack up close AT ALL

*Ok,that was one LONG break!lol,sorry people^_^*

[b][u]Pegasus Knight/Falcoknight[/u][/b]
Description: Pegasus knights are always girls(so far as I know, you can have a boy pegasus knight if you want...) They ride pegasi(thus the main reason they are always girls,cuz boys would look a bit...weird on a pegasus) Falcoknights are the upgraded version of Peg. knights.
Weapons: Peg. Knight: Lance
Falcoknight: Sword and Lance
Extra/Rules of us: They are very resistant to magic, however very weak to bows(for obvious reason). they can fly over anything(unless in a building,duh!)

[b][u]Wyvern Rider/Wyvern Lord[/u][/b]
Description: Wyvern riders are no specific gender, although normally men are associated more with them(VAIDA IS A WOMAN BTW!) Wyvern Lords are the upgraded version of Wyvern riders, THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH RULING HOUSES!
Weapons: Wyvern Rider: Lance
Wyvern Lord: Sword and Lance
Extras/Rules of use: Like Pegasus Knights they can fly over anything, however unlike Peg.knights they are vulnerable to magic AND bows. BE WARNED! but, they are stronger overall than Peg. knights(until the peg.knight becomes a falcoknight if the wyvern rider stays the same,lol)

Description: They are heavy infantry, with a lot of armor! Generals are upgraded knights
Weapons: Knight:Lance
General:Lance and Axe
Extras/Rules of use: They are slow due to their heavy armour, however they have TONNES of defense. Generals frequently do not get hurt by weapons if up against anyone either 5 levels lower than them or unpromoted...

Description: They are rogues who sail the seas, sometimes raiding villages. Berserkers are upgraded versions of pirates(who are sometimes called corsairs)
Weapons: Pirate: Axe
Berserker: Axe(that's right,they gain nothing!)
Extras/rules of use: They can "walk" on water, berserkers can also traverse peaks.


Description:good with swords, quite quick, sadly can be rather weak at first...lightly armored. Swordmasters are myrmidons upgraded.
Weapons: Myrmidon: Sword
Swordmaster: Sword(yay...)
Extras/rules of use: nothing special...these guys are kind of boring to be honest...but in a cool way(if you understand that,lol)

[b][u]Nomad/Nomad Trooper[/u][/b]
Description: These guys are a cross between cavaliers and archers, great once upgraded to nomad troopers^_^
Weapons: Nomad: bow
Nomad Trooper: bow and sword(see?)
Extras/rules of use: these guys are kwl because they can attack close up and from far away, like a mage, however you have to choose the weapon...it doesn't automatically do it...Unlike a mage. Like cavaliers, they can't walk on peaks or mountains(until upgraded)when they can move REALLY slowly over mountains, and forests slow them down,but not as much as cavaliers. Unlike cavaliers though, rain does not slow them down very much.

Description: These guys are REALLY strong, although theya re quite frankly useless before becoming warriors... Strangely enough I've never seem any female fighters...(SEXIST GAME!)
Weapons: Fighter: Axe
Warrior: Axe and Bow
Extras/rules of use: See?not bad as warriors, thanks to their bows... They have lower defense than your average unit though, because they are very agressive...

Description: These guys are slow mages that use dark magic(or ELDER BLACK magic if you prefer,me?dark magic sounds cooler...) Druids are the upgrade.
Weapons: Shaman: Dark(Or elder black) magic
Druid:Dark magic and staves
Extras/rules of use: these guys are pretty normal....for magic users...ok...they're kwl^_^

[b][u]Cleric(or healer)/Bishop[/u][/b]
Description: Clerics are female(sexist) and healers are male...They may seem useless because they can't fight, but they aren't. Bishop is their upgrade.
Weapons: Cleric/healer: staves
Bishop:staves and light magic
Extras/rules of use: As I said, they may seem useless but they aren't actually, because they can use the best staves earlier since they get used to using staves early on^_^So they can use the really kwl ones!

Description: (SEXIST GAME!)There have not been any female monks before, but you can have them if you want^_^(cuz I'm not sexist). They also become bishops when upgraded.
Weapons: Monk: Light magic
Bishop: Light magic and staves
Extras/rules of use: They are very good at hitting their enemies, but the price for this is they start off quite weak. However these are probably one of my fave classes^_^

Description: These are clerics on horses basically, except they have SLIGHTLY different weapons...they are normally female(okay,so I've never seen a male troubadour!) but you can have boys too...
Weapons: Troubadour: staves
Valkyrie:staves and anima
Extras/rules of use: Same movement abilities as cavaliers and that lot. They are good, because they can get out of scrapes quickly thanks to their horses.

Description: These guys are SO KWL!(sorry,I'm biased but still) Theifs start out weak, but when they become assasins they are the ULTIMATE UNIT!
Weapons: Theif: Sword
Assassin: Sword
Extras/rules of use: Theifs can steal from enemies,assasins lose this ability in the game but I say we keep it^_^(teehee!) both theives and assassins can use lock picks to open doors and chests, whereas otherwise you'd have to use TONNES of door keys and chest keys(these things are hard to find) so these guys are good^_^ Assassins also have this kwl ability called silencer; occasionally,no matter how strong the enemy, they will kill the enemy in one strike(IT'S AMAZING!) These are probably my personal faves^_^

*will be continued soon*
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A new journey(A fire Emblem rp)
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