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 Operation Winx

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PostSubject: Operation Winx   Tue Mar 23, 2010 2:49 pm

Ok, this one is a Winx Club one... You don't really need to know that much about Winx club, just that there are fairies, witches, heroes and warlocks...all but heroes have magical powers...
Background: The original Winx Club graduated 10 years ago and their story passed through the schools to the current students,us... This will lead somewhere which I have decided but will not yet reveal...
You can be a witch, Fairy, hero or Warlock.
Fairies go to the Alfea school,generally good people
Witches go to cloud tower, generally bad but not evil
Heroes go to Red Fountain, generally good
Warlocks don't have a school... They can be good or bad
There are exceptions to the general "rules" meaning a fairy/hero can go bad, or a witch can go good,or seriously evil...
You probably get the gist now so...here's the template^_^

Powers(if any):
Looks(normal-usually associated with school,unless fairy then this is normal clothing):
Looks(power activation/not at school*):

*for fairies, you may add charmix,enchantix and believix descriptions later, when your character recieves them

Do enjoy^_^(not that many people will...I dunno why I create these things...)
HEre's my first charrie:

Name: Micaiah(Mic-eye-ah)
Age: 16
Type: Fairy
Powers: Emotions/elements
History: Was a princess, then she was disowned because she got a boyfriend... She is no longer with the boy who basically ruined her life... She is now a nomad who
enrolled to the school online... She finds work where she can and travels magix and the other nearby realms(magix is the capotal of the magical dimension)
Personality: Sweet, shy, but when with people she knows well very open. If she gets angry she is a force to be reckoned with as that anger turns into magical power...
Looks(normal): Medium height, Long, wavy dark red hair, blue eyes. Wears a pinkish red one shoulder crop top, a gold headband and a redish brown skirt split up to her waist with brown shorts underneath. She wears sandals or no shoes at all.
Looks(power activation): medium height, long,wavy dark red hair,blue eyes. Wears a strapless top conected to a necklace, with sleeves extending below her shoulders into short flairs with three different shades of colour, with a short version of the split skirt still with dark shorts. Her outfit changes colour according to emotion or power being used.
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Operation Winx
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